Esperienze didattiche Try it at Home!

In the present job they come introduced a series of didactic experiences inherent the topic of radio astronomy. Such experiences are enclosed in an handbook, that is freely downloadable and usable. These experiments could be used from amateur for their personal knowledge to make at home or from teachers for their didactic activity in a school. The activities proposed in this first job are six and spaces describing radioastronomical concepts, like the interference and the resolution, to comprising radioastronomical techniques, like the creation of radio maps or the analysis of the Moon or the star and radiogalaxies classification, in order to reach to measure the age of our Universe.
Esperienze didattiche Try it at Home .pdf [36.53Kb]
Caricato Domenica, 13 Novembre 2022 da Mario Sandri

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Try it at Home!

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